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Custom Orders

Welcome to our custom orders page! You can plan out a custom order by requesting custom labels right down to mixing different available fragrances! You can have the perfect give for your event whether it be a thank you gift, wedding, bridesmaid gift, or corporate - we can help out no matter what the event is!


What is the minimum amount for a custom order?

The minimum amount for a custom order is 12 items. These items must be the exact same product. For example: 12 Rose scent soy wax candles OR 12 LAVROSE soy wax candles. 

What is customizable?

You can customize your gift boxes down to the very last detail! Our sign  

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Customized Labels



Colors, Scents & Toppings

Delivery &


Product Selection

Choose the products you would like in your gift box and list them to the form below

Customized Labels/Stickers

Make your gift truly special with our personalized labels. Our customized labels for our Eco-friendly gifts are a perfect gift for any event. With a variety of options, you can have a custom graphic designs created for a small fee or choose a free text label. Show your recievers that you care with a personalized touch from our shop.

✔Corporate Gifts

✔Wedding Guest Gifts

✔Braid's maids

✔Social events

Customized Products

We are proud to offer sustainable customization options for all of our eco-friendly gifts. Choose from a variety of scents, toppings and colors to create a unique and personalized present that aligns with your values. Our store promotes eco-friendliness and sustainability in every aspect of our work, so you can be sure that your gift gives back to the planet.

✔Corporate Gifts

✔Wedding Guest Gifts

✔Braid's maids

✔Social events

Customized Order Form:

Please fill-out the form below to begin the process of your customized order!

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